Friday 12/18

Go Get It Friday!!!
12 Min Ascending Ladder by 1’s:
Hang Cleans
Knees to Elbow
Wall Balls

Wednesday 12/16

Back Squats

Partner WOD:
30 min AMRAP:
30 Curls
30 Push Press
30 OH Plated Lunges
30 Lateral Raises
30 Bent Over Rows
30 Box Jumps

*Split reps evenly, Partner A works while Partner B rests

Tuesday 12/15

Strict Press

With 15 min running clock:
800 m Run
75 Double Unders
Then with remaining time:
Max reps of Cindy:
5 Pull Ups
10 Push Ups
15 Air Squats

Monday 12/14

In honor of Victoria Soto, who during the Sandy Hook shooting hid all 16 of her children in the closet.  When the gunman came into her classroom, she told him the class was in the gym.  He murdered her, then turned the gun on himself.  THE CHILDREN SURVIVED !!!  Victoria was a CrossFitter and a true Hero.  Today, and every December 14th, we do the WOD in her honor.

5 Rounds: ( Years as a Teacher )
10 Thrusters 95/65 ( Room #)
14 Box Jumps 24/20 (Day)
12 SDHP 95/65 (Month)
12 Burpees ( Year )
27 KB Swings 53/35 ( Age )

Saturday 12/12

Partner WOD:
3 Rounds (30 min)
Partner A completes max reps in 1 minute while Partner B rests:
Single Arm KB/DB Snatches w/ Right Arm
KB Deadlifts
Single Arm KB/DB Snatches w/ Left Arm
Hang Squat Cleans
Plank Row (alternating arms)

Thursday 12/10

:30/:30 EMOM:
Bench Press or Floor Press
Plank Holds or HS Holds

100 Push-Ups
200 Air Squats
300 Mt Climbers

*Break up any way you want

Wednesday 12/9

Front Squats

5 Rounds for Time:
6 Box Jumps
6 Pull-Ups
6 OH Plated Lunges
6 KB Swings
6 K2E
6 Wall Balls
6 Floor Thrusters
*Rest 1 min

Tuesday 12/8

Partner WOD:
Race to 500 Sit-Ups
Partner A:
5 Toes to Bar
5 Hang Cleans
5 Burpees
(Then switch with Partner B)

Partner B:
Max Sit-Ups