Warm Up
4 minutes of run, row or bike
PVC Pass Thru’s
PVC Figure 8’s
Goblet Squats
Push Up Complex
Upward Dog
Hollow Rocks
Squatted Prayers
Front Rack Holds
2 minutes of run, row or bike

Skill Work
Squat Clean
Push Jerk

5 sets of:
1 Squat Clean into 2 front squats, build up to 80-85%

*Power cleans are ok but prefer to see everyone getting under the bar into squat cleans.  Proper depth with the squat cleans and front squats.

3 minutes at each of the following stations:

– Max Rep Squat Cleans (115/80)
– Max Double Under’s (modification: single under’s)
– Max Rep Push Jerk (115/80)
– Max Calorie Row or Airdyne

*1 minute transition/rest time between movements.  Your total reps will be your score.  Again, proper depth with the squat cleans.