Warm Up
4 mins of Run, Row or Bike
Samson Stretch
Scapular Wall Slides
PVC Pass Thru’s
PVC Figure 8’s
PVC Good Morning Variation
Waiter Walks
Mountain Climbers
Plank Holds
Front Rack Holds

Skill Work
Power Clean & Jerk

Spend 15 minutes working on your Clean & Jerk technique. 

*If you’re comfortable, build up to a heavy rep.  

Power Clean & Jerk (135/95)

*Perform one round of “Cindy” following each set of Clean & Jerk

5 Pull-ups (modification: banded pull ups or ring rows)
10 Push-ups 
15 Squats

Costumes encouraged but not required!  Reminder, there will be no 4:30 or 5:30pm classes.  There will be open gym from 4-5:30 only.