Warm Up
Run 200m or Row 250m
PVC Pass Thru’s/Figure 8’s
Air Squats (x20)
Lunges (x20)
Shoulder Mobility
Wall Sits
Ball Slams
Toe Touches (x15)

Skill Work
Strict Press
Ring Dip Negative
Back Squat

EMOM 10 minutes of:
Minute 1: 3 Strict Press @ 70%
Minute 2: 5 Ring Dip Negative (3 second count down)

REST 3-5 minutes, then…

20-15-10- 5 of:

Back Squats (155/105)
Competition Style Box Jumps (24/20, modification: box jump step downs, or step up step downs)

*300m Run between rounds, the workout begins with the back squats and ends with a run.  Barbell is taken off the ground and the box jumps are to be done bounding, as always hips open at the top.