Warm Up
Run 400m
Partner Ball Slams (2mins)
Sit Ups (x20)
Toes Touches (x12)
Lunges (x20)
Squatted Prayers
Spiderman Walks
Weighted Good Mornings

Skill Work
Back Squat

33 Back Squats (225/115)
15 Burpees
33 Deadlifts (225/115)
15 Burpees
33 KB Swings (70/53)
15 Burpees

*Barbell is taken from the ground.  Please scare appropriately.

Rest 5 minutes, then…
“Death by 10 meters”

Michael “Dork” Kennedy was a Boston Firefighter who lost his life last week on duty.  He was a huge part of the CrossFit community as a coach and athlete, and he along with Lt. Edward Walsh are in our thoughts and prayers.  The workout is dedicated to them.

HeroDork-e1396807652788.jpg (400×491)