Saturday, Get Some!

Saturday, Get Some!

Warm up:

3 Rds 34 High Knees

8 Hand walk out and back

5/5 punch combo

20 sit-up

34 High Knee

5/5 Punch combo


2 rds

Body weight bench press

pull ups

Body weight front squat

-At the call of rotate, we switch, 90 seconds each station, 1 attempt



Fight gone bad CFBG style

5 rounds rotate every minute

Lateral Burpee Box Jumps

Wall Ball

KB Swings


February 2, 2013

Go out and get what you’re worth. Nobody can stand in your way if you choose not to let them. You are strong, confident, and amazing. Show the negative people in your life why you are different. You are powerful beyond measure. Put your heart and soul into whatever makes you happy and nothing is beyond reach. Aim high and fight for every inch of ground. Once you reach whatever it is your fighting for. Aim higher and start again.