Tuesday 7/3


Power Snatch

Partner WOD:
20 minute AMRAP:
Partner A does:
7 Hang Snatch (95/65)
7 Back Squat (95/65)
7 Knees 2 Elbow
Partner B does:
25 Double Unders / Run 150 m

Partner B picks up where Partner A leaves off

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I had simply gotten off paintings and become on my manner to the fitness center for but any other one in every of my slow-tempo, lifting-heavy workout periods.
Power Snatch commands :
start with a loaded barbell on the ground. The bar need to be close to or touching the shins, and a extensive grip must be taken at the bar. The ft ought to be without delay underneath the hips, with the toes turned out as wanted. Lower the hips, with the chest up and the top looking forward. The shoulders should be just in front of the bar. This can be the starting position.

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