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  • Scalable for any age or level
    Scalable for any age or level
  • Teamwork and Camaraderie
    Teamwork and Camaraderie
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    On-Ramp and Group Classes
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    Coaching and Education
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    Events Seminars and certs

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  • Thanksgiving Schedule

    The schedule for the Thanksgiving Holiday is as follows:

    Thursday: 8:30am 
    Friday: 9am and 12pm 
    Saturday: 8:30am
    Sunday: 9am

Welcome To CrossFit Battleground

Welcome to CrossFit Battleground! We are committed to forging elite fitness and mental toughness in all clients, regardless of their conditioning when they walk in our door. We use a constantly varied program, utilizing functional (natural) movements, executed at a high intensity. In a sense we move large loads over varying distances and quickly. We embrace this methodology because it is extremely effective and has the ability to make a dramatic difference in your overall health and well being. It works if you work! Our program has a mental toughness and endurance training orientation, along with developing a broad fitness and athleticism covering strength, stamina, speed, power, flexibility, balance, accuracy, agility, cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, and coordination. We believe in mechanics first, consistency in those mechanics second, and then intensity. At CrossFit Battleground you will be challenged on a daily basis and guided by knowledgeable coaches to reach your true potential as an athlete. Whether you are an NFL linebacker or an 80 year old grandmother, you can use this program. Every workout that we do is scalable for any age or fitness level. You do not have to be in good shape to do CrossFit. However, I promise that this program will undoubtedly get you in the best shape of your life. Good luck WODIVORES and we will meet you on the battlefield. 

Workout of the Day


Warm Up4 minutes of run, row or bikePVC Pass Thru's (x10)PVC Figure 8's (x10)Upward DogAbm...


Warm Up4 minutes of run, row or bikeSamson StretchSquat Therapy (x15)Lying V-ups (x20)Squa...


Warm UpCoaches Choice Skill WorkFront SquatPush Press WOD10 rounds of: 10 Front Squat (...


Warm Up Coaches Choice   Skill Work Hang Power Snatch   WOD AMRAP 20 minutes of:  ...

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